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ErmakUsa Overview

Located just a couple of miles west of Chicago O’Hare airport, is ErmakUSA’s 11,000 sq ft office and showroom, including a spacious spare parts warehouse.  A variety of machines like Fibermak, Lasermak and Evolution are under power. Ermak machinery uses LESS POWER and gives you MORE POWER! 

ERMAK’s Environmental Policy is:

  • To minimize contamination
  • Integrate the waste management systems to general operation
  • Use energy efficiently
  • Reduce the negative effects of our operations
  • Raise the environmental awareness of our suppliers and partners 

ErmakUsa Product Categories

Laser Technology

Press Brake

Plasma Cutting

Punch Press

Shear Cutting

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ErmakUsa Product Catalog

ERMAK Fiber Laser Technology

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