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Today’s competitive 24/7 manufacturing is a world where demands are high and increased quality, efficiency, and productivity are critical for success. Manufacturers need a machine tool partner that can deliver what they need, when they need it. 

U Tech CNC has partnered with machine builders known for their turnkey manufacturing and “one and done” approach to machining. 

CNC Machinery OEMs

Chip cutting. Fabrication. Metrology.

CHIP CUTTING. U Tech CNC offers a complete line of chip cutting machinery. We are a multi-line distributor providing multi-axis, lathes, and mills.  Our technology is capable of providing turnkey and “one and done” manufacturing. Select your region for specific product lines in your territory. 

FABRICATION.  U Tech CNC is your one-stop-shop for all of your fabrciation needs. We represent a variety of machinery including water jets, band saws, plasma tables, iron workers and more. 

METROLOGY. We provide metrology equipment for industries where this specific equipment is necessary.