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Bodor Lasers Overview

Eurotech is the leading multi-axis turning machine builder in Europe. Eurotech delivers machines with a focus on multi-axis with superior technology. Eurotech’s North America Technical Center is located just north of Tampa, FL  in Brooksville, FL.

Eurotech’s mission is “To be the most valued product by our customers by delivering the greatest ROI, through superior speed, knowledge and technology.”

Eurotech believes that “Knowledge  is Power” and provides FREE lifetime training for all customers. Eurotech provides customers with:

  • Factory Certified Training
  • Proven to Increase ROI
  • Reduces Machine Downtime
  • 100% Guaranteed Better Cycle Time
  • New & Unique Ideas for Parts Processing YOUR Parts in One Operation
“The Eurotechs have allowed us to increase our manufacturing capacity and part quality without the need for additional personnel. We enjoy the “one and done” method of a part coming off complete from the machine. We went from 20 min cycle time to 5½ min.” – Ron Gronback, Owner, PDQ

Bodor Lasers Product Categories

Fiber laser cutting machines

Bodor can accurately empower customers, and provide customized and professional metal cutting solutions to create value for customers effectively.
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Europe's Premier Turn/Mill Technology

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