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Service. Maintenance. Training.

Skilled and Knowledgable


U-Tech CNC’s service technicians are skilled in the service, repair, maintenance, and installation of diverse machinery. Our technicians have serviced a variety of chip-cutting, fabrication, EDM, metrology machinery, and more.

We provide:

  • Service and Repair of most chip-cutting, fabrication, EDM, and metrology equipment.
  • Flexible Preventative Maintenance programs, which can be scheduled around your needs
  • Relocation and installation of machinery
  • Mazak and water jet certified trained technicians

We Provide Reliable, Fast Service with Technicians Available for Questions During Business Hours.


U-Tech CNC’s service team can provide in-person training directly with your team. One of our experienced service technicians can provide thorough training on the machine, providing your team with the functionality of the machine, safety functions, and best practices to produce parts on the machine.

Chad training

What our customers say

“The U-Tech CNC team here in Florida offers the most advanced CNC equipment on the market and they don’t stop there. Their service, support and training are top notch; they’ve serviced our lathes, mills and drilling equipment. Their response has been incredible. They truly follow through with their Constant Care and Commitment Pledge. I highly recommend them."
John Wilcox
Vice President, MSP Industries
Call or Email the Service Team to Schedule Service, Preventative Maintenance, or Installation.