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Shibaura Machine Overview

Established in 1875, Shibaura Machine has continued to grow and evolve, through challenge and adversity, into a premier global manufacturer of a wide variety of innovative, precise, supremely reliable machinery. The ability to quickly identify and respond to market changes reflects a DNA structured to build and achieve. Shibaura Machine provides machining solutions for wide variety of applications. 

Shibaura Machine provides you with everything you need:

24/7 Technical Phone Support
5 Service Offices and 50 service employees in North America
3 Parts Distribution Centers in North America with approximately $16 Million in parts inventory
5 Technical Centers in North America available for customer training and mold trials
Industry Leading Warranty

Shibaura Machine Product Categories

vertical boring and turning mill

Horizontal machine center

Double Column Machining Center

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Shibaura Machine Product Catalog

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